Expedited freight transportation—equipped to ship your freight faster.

When your freight requires fast delivery, we’ve got your back. By working with one of our freight shipping experts, you can get your shipment there in no time flat, whether it’s one large box or a full truckload.

Tell us what you’re shipping and when you need it there, and we’ll show you how to get it delivered on time.

Easy & Convenient

Expedited shipping cuts out wasted time and avoids unnecessary delays by streamlining the delivery process and route. Freight shipments may be sent by air in order to reach its destination quickly but may also involve other modes of transport that will ensure your cargo arrives on time.

Safe & Secure

Lighthouse is an experienced 3PL that understands the complexities of expedited freight deliveries.  There is a cost premium for time-sensitive shipping – so expedited freight is recommended only when you don’t have the luxury of planning ahead.

Special Services

  • Capacity

    Lighthouse offers expedited freight services for these time-sensitive, behind schedule, or urgent orders that need to be there sooner, than later. We streamline the process of getting your freight picked up and delivered, either straight through, or by the time you designate, using only trusted carriers that meet our esteemed criteria. We have pre-screened expedite carriers with over 10,000+ pieces of equipment from Sprinter Vans and Hot Shots to Team Drivers or even Aircraft!

  • Collaboration

    When you need something delivered right away and can’t wait another minute, you can count on us to find you a delivery service with the ability to deliver your packages on schedule and in good condition. No matter what you have to send or when it needs to be delivered, Lighthouse can make it happen.

  • More Options

    The question about the ability to ship freight quickly is one that we welcome and take pride in answering with a confident, “Yes!” Time is of the essence whenever a shipper needs to transport a truckload of goods. The freight is not making money sitting on the production floor, in the warehouse, or loaded on a truck. The clock starts when the order is placed to get the freight delivered quickly.

Special Solutions

We know how valuable, and urgent your shipping schedule is, and how easily it can be derailed by best laid plans. We never want you to have a line shut down, manufacturing schedules pushed out, or emergency supplies undelivered.

  • We’ll help you find the most efficient means to move your freight fast
  • Real-time shipment tracking helps you manage your business with confidence
  • Equipment for all load sizes and types: cargo van, 12′ and 20′ straight trucks, 53′ trailers
  • Contract carriers specialized in expedited freight
  • Service designed to meet your deadline
  • 24/7 online access to freight tracking and tracing