Move temperature-sensitive freight quickly and efficiently with Lighthouse.

Whether you have a single shipment, consistent freight or seasonal fluctuations in required services or capacity, we can provide a customized freight shipping solution that meets your budget and service level requirements.

You benefit from our broad experience in temperature controlled freight shipping, with access to local, regional and national carriers. Coupled with our dedicated support team and online tracking and tracing tools, we can help you manage your refrigerated and temperature controlled freight.

Easy & Convenient

Your refrigerated freight needs are unique. Get a personalized experience to fit your needs, whether they’re national, regional, consistent or one-off, with Lighthouse. Be as far-reaching as you need with our refrigerated services —while feeling like you’re our only customer.

Safe & Secure

Refrigerated shipping is the optimal shipping method when shipping cargo that requires temperature control due to its sensitive or short shelf-life nature. Our refrigerated trailers house your cargo both securely and at a consistent temperature.

Special Services

  • FDA Compliant Reefer Units

    Food grade refrigerated trailers come in 48′ and 53′ lengths and are used to supply temperature control to a wide variety of food products as well as pharmaceuticals, plastics, and temperature-sensitive paper products. 

  • Location and Temperature Monitoring

    Most reefer trailers can hold temperatures between -20 degrees to 80 degrees.  Our online 24/7 tracking and tracing option gives you 100% visibility over the location and security of your sensitive cargo.

  • Security Measures to Keep Freight Safe

    Modern reefer trailers are equipped with air-ride suspensions to reduce jarring and to help prevent cargo claims.

Special Solutions

Whether you’re shipping high-value items that need precise temperature and extra security or freight that just requires refrigeration, we have the equipment and expertise to handle it.

  • Capacity and expertise to drive cost savings
  • A large network of temperature controlled equipment
  • Industry-leading visibility and reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Online 24/7 tracking and tracing access
  • Surge capacity for seasonal business
  • Logistics experts and consultative services
  • Drop trailer programs and other special services available